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A new beginning…


I have blogged before…this endeavor isn’t an unfamiliar one.  I’m sure somewhere in the bowels of the internet my old Blogger account still exists.  I’m sure somewhere in the recesses of some server my old WordPress blog still lives on.  However those undertakings were several years ago – nearly a decade.  Many things have changed since then…I have changed since then.  So a new blog embarks on its maiden journey.  This is the sea trials for the newly christened USS Texas Shellback blog.

What might this blog be about?  Well, a myriad of things from music to statistics.  I may ramble on about gun related topics or I may delve into the wonderful world of psychology – all interests of mine.  I’m sure some may find it interesting.  Some may find it offensive.  Some may find it infuriating.  Some may find it a target for trolling.  It’s a sad truth of the internet that cannot be escaped – no matter how good your content, how air tight your arguments or how well cited your research, the trolls will be their to dish out their brand of internet vomit to dirty up your page.  Nevertheless, I’ll trudge on and hope at least one person out there may find my words entertaining or informative.  It’s for that person or people I write this blog.

I hope to share much more in the near future.


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