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The Shred Files – The Gear Gods Smile Upon Me

In an uncharacteristic turn of luck, my wife was able to score me a brand new Fender Mustang III V.2 modeling amplifier. It is a great sounding 1×12 with the usual over the top presets but are editable. The amp also comes with software for your PC to create your own presets, download ones other people create, and came with a free version of Ableton Live for recording. Sweet, right? Absolutely.


Furthermore, just recently another gift from the shred gods was given to me in the form of a sharp, brand new Schecter C-6 Plus. For an afforable guitar is plays great and sound even better.

The pairings of the Fender amp and the Schecter work perfectly to give me that 80’s sound I love.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d still love to get my hands on a Charvel So-Cal or one day have the riches to toss at Kiesel to get their JB24 guitar but, for now, I’m doing good.Schecter-C6-Plus-VSB

Time to break out that old guitar tab, write some new riffs, and find some folks to jam with and maybe even possibly fulfill my dream of playing in a dive bar for beer. We shall see…


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